Our Story

This is the culmination of a deep love and curiosity for tea and the benefits it brings.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our store Ā šŸ‘‹

Sleeveless Tea is a company based in Vancouver, Canada that curates a small collection of tea and distributes it online and in shops across North America. Inspired by the drink itself, we seek to provide our customers with a product that is simple, healthy, and most of all delicious.

The founders of Sleeveless Tea, Zak and Cole, met at design school in August 2012. Eventual roommates, and now business partners, the two started Sleeveless Tea as a means to deliver a simplified experience for learning about and enjoying high quality loose leaf tea.

There is nothing up our sleeves.Ā 

As such, we felt there was an opportunity to provideĀ a simplified experience to purchasing and enjoying high quality loose leaf tea in North America.Ā 

our vision:Ā provide a product that is pure in quality, thatĀ doesn't need anything to mask or hide it's true flavour.Ā 

Our Black, Green, and Oolong teas are 100% Camelia Sinensus (the tea plant). The only thing that differentiates them is how the leaves are processed. We believe that good tea needs no added flavour.

Sourced from the mountainous regions of Chinese provinces Fujian and Jiangxi, our Black, Green, and Oolong are not only of the highest quality, they areĀ also of the highest altitude. ;)

Leveraging the benefits of a few other plants, our Herbal tea is caffeine-free. ThisĀ makes it perfect for turning down for the night and easing your busy mind. Itā€™s completely natural and 100% legal.

We started Sleeveless Tea in an effort to simplify the process of finding good tea. By keeping our offering limited, we aim to remove the guesswork thatĀ our customers experience when buying tea elsewhere as there is so much selection. Each of our teas isĀ representativeĀ of what quality tea is.Ā Brewed to instruction and you'll be sure toĀ see what we are talking about.Ā 

We have done our homework and over the last 2 years we'veĀ sampled hundredsĀ of different types andĀ flavours so that you don't have to. We hope you enjoy the collection we've prepared.Ā