How long will the tea stay fresh for?

Tea can last quite a while if stored properly. Keep in an airtight jar or bag and store in a dry dark place for maximum freshness and taste. 

Black and Herbal teas will stay fresh for around two years, Oolong is best before 18 months and Green and White teas are best when consumed within a year of purchase.

Are your teas organic?

We strive to offer organically grown teas when possible. Our Green tea is our only organic offering at the moment, with more organic teas coming in the future.

Where is your tea from?

Our teas are sourced from farms in the vast tea producing regions of China.

How do I brew my tea?

See our steeping instructions here

Do your teas contain artificial flavoring?

No! We pride ourselves on offering pure teas that are free from any coloring, flavoring or additives.

How much caffeine is in your tea?

Depending on the type of tea and steeping time, there can be almost as much as a cup of coffee to absolutely none. Our black tea contains the most caffeine and is great when you need an energy boost. Our Green and Oolong teas have about as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee, our Herbal tea contains no caffeine at all and is great at night or before bed.